Challenge 15

Challenge 15 – Writing blog posts

What is a blog post?

The blog post is an entry (article) that you write on a blog. It can include content in the form of text, photos, infographics, or videos.

Different parts of a blog post

The first paragraph of your blog post will either keep people reading or make people leave. Make sure it compels people to read the rest of your content. You should use your targeted keyword phrase for search engines at least once in this paragraph.

Main content
It is the principal part of your blog post content. Think of the headline as the promise and the main content as the fulfillment of that pledge. Your main content should please anyone who visits your post based on the headline. If you create content that does not meet the promises of your headline, people will identify your blog as unfulfilling. The length of your blog posts can range from 300 to 3,000 or more words. It’s best to alternate the length of your posts as you gain insight into what works best for your audience.

Many people will scan your blog content as opposed to reading it word for word. Write subheads that break your content into digestible sections. Make sure those subheads represent the content within them.

Bold text
Use bold text in a few areas of your main content to help highlight important points. Use it selectively. 

Bulleted/numbered lists
While you don’t want your entire post filled with bullet points or numbers, these lists do help separate out steps and tables with useful content.

Supplement the text part of your content with media, such as related images and videos. It will help break up your content and illustrate your points better.

The least you can do is to include a featured image in your post. Add your post’s main keyword phrase in the picture’s filename and the ALT tag. It will help you in search optimization of your post.

The conclusion should be a paragraph or two at the end of your post to summarize the content you’ve written. The reader should understand what material you’ve covered. If they didn’t, chances are, they will go back to see what they might have missed.

The last line of your blog post should be a call to action. It can be as simple as asking readers to share their thoughts in the comments or to share the post on social media. If you wrote the post to promote a particular product or service, the call to action should encourage the reader to learn more about it.

Social share buttons
Social media is a useful instrument for promoting your blog content. You need to include social buttons to all your content, so people can easily share it on social networks. You can place them at the top of your content, at the bottom of your content, or on the side, as a floating widget. (this we will cover later in the challenge)

Comments section
Aside from your blog post content, comments are the most important part of your blog. This section gives your readers an opportunity to interact with you and other visitors. It’s important that you respond to the comments and open the conversation. (this we will cover later in the challenge)

Make sure you always have an engaging introduction, quality content, and a solid conclusion.

How often should I write?

How often should you post on your blog?

It depends on you, the time that you have and the way you like to work.

I suggest planning out a content schedule and sticking to it.

Be a blog beast by posting 5 times a week if you just start with a new blog.

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