Challenge 3

Challenge 3 – Web hosting and your domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your personal or business home on the Internet, it’s a piece of online real estate that you control completely—as long as you own the rights to that name.

In order to claim it for your exclusive use and to share it with the online world, you must register it with a qualified domain registrar. Most professional web hosting services (like Namecheap) are also a qualified domain registrar.

If they already took the domain name you want, you won’t be able to use it for your own site.

A domain name has two parts; the first part is the name of your website, the last part of a domain name we call it the ‘extension’.

For example, in ‘,’ the name is ‘affiliatesuccesses’ and the extension is ‘.com’.

When you choose a domain name…

A good domain name instantly answers the question: Is this for me?

It all comes down a simple question: Is this for me? Because when anyone lands on a website, that’s the question subconsciously going through their mind.

Is this website going to answer my question? Is this website going to help me get the best deal? It’s all some version of, is this for me?

And a suitable domain name answers that question for people within seconds.

Some tips to help you choose your domain name: 


What extension should you take?

What is web hosting?

Namecheap…..shared web hosting?

SSL Certificate

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