Challenge 4

Challenge 4 – Installing WordPress

Now that you have chosen your domain name and bought your online “real estate” it is time to build your “house”.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a name for a popular online content management system. More precisely, it is an open-source content management system. What do the terms “open-source” and “content management system” (CMS) stand for?

Open-source means that you can change any file in the WordPress package and use it however you want. A content management system is a software tool built to streamline management of content with minimal technical knowledge. Here, we are talking about the content of a website – web pages, tables, images, animations, forms, and so on. A CMS lets you build and manage your site at the same time.

Thanks to the WordPress platform, you will build web pages and add content to your website without ever writing a single line of code.

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Let’s begin with installing WordPress on your website.

Watch the video:

Important :

  • choose HTTPS (instead of HTTP) after all, you have an SSL certificate and it will show to the world that your website is secure.
  • Choose your unique admin name and strong password.

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