Challenge 1

Challenge 1 – What is affiliate marketing?


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is recommending a product or service through a trackable link, intending to earn a commission either immediately or at some point when a purchase is made.

You introduce your readers to products or services from trusted companies or individuals and get a commission on any sales from customers; you send their way.

This is a “performance based” business model.

Types Of Affiliate Commissions

A purchase of a product or service through your link.

Through a trackable link assigned to you, you get a commission when someone buys the product within a certain timeframe.(cookie period) 

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing offers are a great way to generate ongoing commissions that keep coming in for months or even years after you’ve promoted. A good example is web hosting.

CPA (Cost Per Action)

CPA marketing involves the lead taking an action, usually as filling out a form, install an app.

The owner of the offer pays out a commission for each lead you send through their system who successfully completes the ‘action’. These commissions are typically low.

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